Curricular Structure for Dr. D. Sc Course

Dr. D. Sc (Oral Medicine)
Modules 1 General Physiology
Modules 2 Biochemistry
Modules 3 Basic Dental Science
Modules 4 General Pathology
Modules 5 Principle and practice of General Medicine
Modules 6 Basic principle of Oral Medicine and Diagnosis
Modules 7 Basic principle of Oral Pathology
Modules 8 Developmental anomalies in the Oral and Maxillofacial region
Modules 9 Spread of Oral infection
Modules 10 Oral manifestations of systemic diseases
Modules 11 Odontogenic cyst and tumors
Modules 12 Bone diseases
Modules 13 Facial pain and neuromuscular diseases
Modules 14 Pre-malignant lesions and conditions
Dr. D. Sc. (Prosthodontics)
Modules 1 Applied anatomy for Prosthodontics
Modules 2 Dental Material Science
Modules 3 Basic Principles of Prosthodontics
Modules 4 Temporomandibular joint and Mandibular movement
Modules 5 Occlusion
Modules 6 Articulators and Face bow
Modules 7 Immediate denture
Modules 8 Overdenture
Modules 9 Advanced impression technique
Modules 10 Geriatric Dentistry
Modules 11 Maxillofacial Prosthetics
Modules 12 Advanced Prosthodontic Principles
Modules 13 Implant Prosthodontics